25-3706-U • Puritan® PurFlock Ultra® Oropharyngeal Flock Swab, Elongated Flock Tip, 100mm Breakpoint, in Peel Pouch, STERILE • 500pcs

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  • 25-3706-U • Puritan® PurFlock Ultra® Oropharyngeal Flock Swab;
  • PurFlock's purity make it ideal for PCR, molecular assays, DFA testing, forensic applications as well as direct antigen testing;
  • PurFlock Ultra’s high purity characteristics makes it an ideal swab for various rapid diagnostic tests;
  • For collection of bacteria or microorganisms;
  • Buccal cell collection;
  • Specimen collection;
  • Forensic evidence collection;
  • DNA collection;
  • Elongated flock tip;
  • Tip material is comprised of a polyester bicomponent fiber;
  • Polystyrene handle with breakpoint at 100mm;
  • Individually wrapped;
  • Made in USA.


Code 25-3706-U
Type Wattenstaafjes
Merk Puritan®
Bestelhoeveelheid 500
Kleur Wit
Materiaal PS (polystyreen), PL (polyester)