UT-300 • Puritan® UniTranz-RT® Universal Transport Medium, 3ml UTM Viral Transport Medium in 16×100mm Tube • 300pcs

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  • UT-300 • Puritan® UniTranz-RT® Transport Medium;
  • Intended for the collection and preservation of Viruses - Chlamydia - Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma;
  • Contains antimicrobial agents to minimize bacterial and fungal contamination;
  • Contains glass beads to release and disperse sample into the medium during vortexing;
  • Used in viral antigen detection test, PCR and rapid tests;
  • 3ml fill, universal transport medium (UTM) is stable at room temperature;
  • No swab, media only;
  • Premium medical grade plastic components to improve product shelf life;
  • Made in USA.


Code UT-300
Type Media
Merk Puritan®
Bestelhoeveelheid 300