0408-645-000 • Stryker® Flyte® Helmet with LED Headlight • 1pc (1 case × 1 helmet)

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  • Reusable surgical helmet with six-speed fan, high intensity LED headlight and ergonomic design;
  • 0408-645-000 • Stryker® Flyte® Helmet with LED Headlight;
  • For use with Flyte® power pack, charger, hoods and toga’s (required, not included, sold separately). Not intended to be used as a respiratory protection device;
  • Lightweight to keep the user comfortable during long and complex procedures;
  • Weight: 0.52 kg;
  • Optimally balanced to reduce neck fatigue;
  • Constructed from a tough grade of polypropylene, long-lasting visco-elastic headband, a brushless fan motor and magnetic closures that outlast Velcro®;
  • High-intensity LED light emits a cool beam of pure white light that is battery powered to eliminate cables and can be repositioned for optimal illumination;
  • Illuminance: 60000 lm/m², 60000 lux;
  • Up to 100000 hours of head lamp life;
  • Lamp is shrouded to prevent glare;
  • Light adjustment handle directs headlight beam as desired;
  • Headband knob easily adjusts helmet for secure and comfortable fit;
  • Front helmet hook positions hood for easy donning;
  • Helmet magnets align and secure hood quickly and easily;
  • Chinguard control buttons are intuitively located and easy to operate;
  • Fan control buttons change fan speed with a push of a button;
  • Power loss indicator flashes red when power pack has less than 15 minutes of power remaining;
  • Six-speed fan with air nozzles at both the top and back of the helmet quietly pulls in and circulates cool and fresh air throughout the helmet;
  • Fan speed: 2250 to 3500 rpm;
  • Front flexible air duct extends and retracts to direct air to the front of the helmet;
  • Adjustable rear air nozzle directs air down the neck and user's back;
  • Compliance: CE-marking MD Class I, CE-marking PPE Categorie II, EN 166 1F3;
  • Packing: 1 piece in a case.


Code 0408-645-000
Type Chirurgische Helmen
Merk Stryker®
Bestelhoeveelheid 1
Kleur White, Grey, Blue
Materiaal PP (polypropyleen)