1506 • Biolog Eco Microplaat, 96-well, 3 Sets van 31 Koolstof Assays

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  • A rapid, community-level assessment tool for studying microbial community dynamics
  • Biolog EcoPlates provide a sensitive and reliable index of environmental change. This approach, called community-level physiological profiling (CLPP), is effective at distinguishing spatial and temporal changes in the metabolism of microbial communities.
  • 31 carbon assays in triplicate
  • EcoPlates contain 3 repeated sets of 31 carbon sources and employ a tetrazolium redox dye as an indicator of microbial metabolism. As microbes utilize the carbon sources they respire and the tetrazolium reporter dye is reduced to form a visible purple color. Communities of microorganisms will exhibit a characteristic reaction pattern, a metabolic fingerprint, that reflects the metabolic properties of the community."


Code BL.1506
Type Ecoplaten
Merk LA Biosystems
Bestelhoeveelheid 10